Turkey Down on the Opener

Procraft1750Procraft1750 Posts: 46 Deckhand
So Friday afternoon I headed to our hunt camp in Pierson, Fl, got up nice and early for the opener of Spring Turkey. I had these birds figured out so I set up near a road on the ground behind a bush I used as a blind just where I know they have been traveling and meeting up at. 7:05 am I hear two gobblers going crazy gobbling heading my way for 5 mins. Then they start heading the other direction away from me. 7:15 a hen comes walking down the road straight to me stops hangs for a min then heads off towards where the gobblers went. Sit tight for a while longer don't call or anything then at around 7:35 I start to hear hens and three gobblers in front of me to the right and left of me going nuts talking back and forth then silence I am getting excited with anticipation of what I will see next.....at 8:00 am this lonely Tom comes walking down the road in front of me. He starts to slow down and act like he was going to slip into the tall grass and into the woods about 25 yards away, I let him have it rolled him on his butt. As I get up to get the bird gobbles still going all around me walking back to the camp they are still going nuts. Anyways onto the pics.



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