3/24 CR Snookin'

Robbie and I went out on a cloudy, cool morning with the water really going out strong. Was happy to see some Snook after a long cool winter, but luckily not a real cold one. We caught fish everywhere we went including some places that haven't produced the last couple years. Robbie got 4 lower slot and under slot Reds and several Jacks. I missed a big Snook early, but disappointment didn't last too long when i got a 31" Snook at the next place. Lost my favorite lure, that is not made anymore, to a big Jack when my braid broke. Must have been a damaged spot in the line. Turned out lucky as I hooked a massive 37" Snook that I would not have wanted to lose. Not the longest I've caught, but maybe the heaviest. Checkout the shoulders on that cooler cushion shot. All fish revived and released. Conserve our Snook!


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