3/24 CR Snookin'

Robbie and I went out on a cloudy, cool morning with the water really going out strong. Was happy to see some Snook after a long cool winter, but luckily not a real cold one. We caught fish everywhere we went including some places that haven't produced the last couple years. Robbie got 4 lower slot and under slot Reds and several Jacks. I missed a big Snook early, but disappointment didn't last too long when i got a 31" Snook at the next place. Lost my favorite lure, that is not made anymore, to a big Jack when my braid broke. Must have been a damaged spot in the line. Turned out lucky as I hooked a massive 37" Snook that I would not have wanted to lose. Not the longest I've caught, but maybe the heaviest. Checkout the shoulders on that cooler cushion shot. All fish revived and released. Conserve our Snook!


  • DOCKSIDEDOCKSIDE Posts: 1,799 Captain
    saw ya headed out of the canal. Great fish. I was skunked Sunday....
    somewhere south of disorder and on earth... mostly .
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  • RedbonzRedbonz Posts: 4,538 Captain
    Great to see you back at it... Awesome fish...
    If it don't fit force it. If it breaks it needed replace anyways. :banghead
  • BillyBilly ChassahowitzkaPosts: 2,703 Captain
    Dang...nice snook there Ted ole boy.

    You still have the touch.

    "And the ocean is howling for the things that might have been..."
  • cthurowcthurow Withlacoochee to Cedar KeyPosts: 503 Officer
    There are a LOT of snook being caught up here. :huh
  • mitziboymitziboy Posts: 328 Officer
    My man!! Stay out of my spot!
  • TBay813AnglerTBay813Angler Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    Very nice snook! If you don't mind me asking where can I find some white bait in the Crystal River area? I usually launch out of the Fort Island boat ramp.

    Thanks in advance.
  • HammerheadTedHammerheadTed Posts: 1,241 Officer
    Can't help you there. I don't use any live/dead bait. I don't think we have any whitebait here. Pinfish or shrimp are the most available, I would guess.
  • HammerheadTedHammerheadTed Posts: 1,241 Officer
    mitziboy wrote: »
    My man!! Stay out of my spot!

    Very little water when we got in the creek. Robbie got a Red, but that's it.
  • Biggary16Biggary16 Posts: 469 Deckhand
    Nice snukes they must be hungry. That big one has a huge tail I'll bet he put up a fight. I guess it's time to go back to 50 lb leaders.
  • ripnlipsripnlips Posts: 2,535 Captain
    Nice ones Ted. Hey I think I might have a few of those lures left. I will run them by when I get the chance.
  • FELLOW-SHIPFELLOW-SHIP Posts: 213 Deckhand
    Your the Man :Rockon
  • WindsplitterWindsplitter Posts: 615 Officer
    Way to go Ted, that's a beast on the cooler.
  • Ruff OneRuff One HomosassaPosts: 1,950 Captain
    Reading your post Ted, I feel like I am in South Fla. Nice job.
  • TideUpTideUp Posts: 126 Officer
    Man nice linesiders for sure! Glad to see they're thick in our area.
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  • Snook SpankerSnook Spanker Inglis / YankeetownPosts: 1,820 Captain
    TideUp wrote: »
    Man nice linesiders for sure! Glad to see they're thick in our area.

    NO [email protected]! That was one in a million up here!!! Very few snuke in the CR area!!!! Man you have to go south of Tampa to get BIG SNUKEZ!!!! I duno who's spreading rumors that there is a viable snooker up here but it's a lot of Hooey!! That Big Girl musta been lost!!

    Great fish Ted!!! I'm glad to see You caught the Biggest Snuke in our area and I'm sure it was on a TOPWATER!!!!!!!!
    I am'z what I am'z and that'z all that I am'z!! > Popeye!
  • CarneLocoCarneLoco Posts: 26 Greenhorn
    Great looking specimens there. Very Nice job!!!
  • PONCEPONCE Posts: 5,943 Officer
    Nice Snook Ted !
  • WindsplitterWindsplitter Posts: 615 Officer
    Congrats on making the front page! :hail
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