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S.G.I. & The Stump Hole - 3/19 - 3/21

The fishing was slow, bordering on nonexistent, but we enjoyed the trip anyway.

Went out to St. George Island on Thursday afternoon to catch the incoming tide.

Beach number 2 was as good a place as any to park and get to the water.

Used 8 ft. rods and 3 ounce pyramid sinkers, with Fishbites on 2 hook dropper rigs.

Most of the time we stacked one with shrimp flavor and the other with sand-flea.

The water was both off-color, and cool, though we didn't know for sure how cool.

( a thermometer had somehow escaped the tackle-bag and was left behind )

In fairly short order, two small Whiting took the bait, and were quickly released.

Hopes were high, ... but they came to naught. Those were the only fish we caught.

Friday morning, since dawn and a rising moon coincided, we tried again.

Even though it was a low tide, we figured it was worth a try ... once.

The coast was clouded with heavy fog, and the drive over the causeway was ... interesting.

Managed to lose a few pieces of bait without even a wiggle on the rods.

Anything besides a crab that can pull off that trick from small circle hooks?

Sheepshead can do it ... but they're not usually in the surf.

Friday afternoon was a repeat of the morning "action" on 3 different State Park beaches.

Even though there was a strong breeze, the water had cleared up quite a bit ( see above ).

Early on Saturday afternoon, we took a stroll through the Apalachicola Art Fair.

Then, we drove over to Eastpoint for the volunteer fire department BBQ.

After lunch, we drove out to Cape San Blas and the "stump-hole".

The parking situation has improved since our last visit ... room for more cars, and safer.

The fishing wasn't anything to write home about.

Three other groups of anglers were spread along the shore.

Only one fish was caught, a very nice Whiting about 16 - 17 inches.

They were using small rods, small hooks, and small weights, with fresh shrimp.

Looked to be number 4 hooks, and 1/4 ounce bell sinkers, with 6.5 - 7 ft spinning rods.

Their baits weren't more than 25 yards out, probably a bit less.

Even though we pulled our baits closer to shore, there was nary a nibble.

Left the beach with high tide, and made it back in time for another round of Art.

Dinner at the Owl Tap Room topped off the day, and our weekend.


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