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We plan to be in the area in a week. The plan is to stay at the Nature's Resort RV park on the river. A friend has a pontoon boat that he keeps in dry storage just down the river at the Magic Manatee Marina so we can get in a little boating and fishing. I've never been in the area so any information about the appropriate tackle and targeted fish would be helpful.
We also plan to check out the Crystal River area and may venture towards the Tampa area to look at RV places and fishing opportunities. I own a bay boat but can't take it when we pull the camper so surf fishing or a decent guide will be in order when we don't know anyone with a boat.
Thanks in advance for any info offered.


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    Sorry I asked.
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    Sorry to say the surf and shore fishing basically sucks in that area. As far as tackle any 2500 to 4000 sized spinner will handle about anything you'll get into. I like to throw gold spoons and top water for reds and soft plastics or jerkbaits for trout. The fish aren't too picky!
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    A good guide for Homosassa is Capt. William Toney. With a pontoon boat, you probably want to fish the flats. I'd start out around Marker 18 and look for the boats. Try a light jig and Gulp shrimp or whatever you're comfortable with. Pinfish will eat live/dead shrimp as fast as you present them. Might drag a pinfish under a bobber behind the boat for the bigger fish. Good luck.
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    Fished Tuesday with not much luck. We went out towards the gulf to about Marker 22. Caught several little 6 to 7 inch that looked like baby black sea bass. Got one that looked like a baby grouper and one small sea trout. Had a nice day on the boat with good friends.
    There is a world of difference down here compared to my home turf in the St Augustine to Jacksonville area.
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