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Ft Myers in April

Homey16Homey16 Posts: 5 Greenhorn
Hi folks.

I will be in Ft Myers Beach for a week in mid-April. I have done some research on shore fishing and found a lot of useful, but somewhat general, information. So, I would like some additional advice.

1 - What fish are likely to be around within casting distance from the beach this time of year?

2 - I see that most folks go with a little lighter gear/shorter rods than I would have expected, mostly fishing live bait within 30 yds or so of shore, so I will bring gear for that, but is it worth brining some heavier gear as well? Maybe large spoons?

3 - Favorite baits seem to be sand fleas and shrimp. Is it worth bringing down a cast net (I will likely be fishing right on the beach, rather than at pier or bridge, but may go there if not too crowded) for fish-type bait as well?

4 - How close to shore should I fish? As far as I can cast, just past the breaks, or some where else? Or is it dependent on what I am trying to catch?

Thanks in advance



  • former bluefishinnyformer bluefishinny Posts: 1,492 Officer
    If this warming trend continues, you may get lucky with some snook on the beach. Flounder and pompano are definite possibilities. All can be taken from the beach. Pomps and Flounder can be caught by bouncing jigs. Pick up some pompano jigs, and try throwing some DOA Shrimp for the flounder. As I mentioned, a snook may pick up the DOA shrimp as well.

    Snook will be within feet from shoreline. In the trough
    Pompano and flounder from shoreline out as far as you can cast. Sometimes both get in trough, depending how much of a tide you have.
  • Homey16Homey16 Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    thanks for the info. Do you put anything on the DOA Shrimp? Should I fish them below a popping cork, or like a jog or what? Sorry to ask so much, but I have almost no experience with this type of fishing.
  • former bluefishinnyformer bluefishinny Posts: 1,492 Officer
    Off the beach... I would not fish below popping cork. Pro Cure shrimp scent cannot hurt. Some folks say "dont bother". Makes no sense to me... As if it cant hurt, it can only help. Id have a few of those to toss parallel to the beach. And pick up some Goofy jigs for pompano.
  • bigyellowtunabigyellowtuna Posts: 250 Deckhand
    off sanibel not too far from there I've done well at times on spanish macks on xraps and mirodines. I've also caught ladyfish, jacks, seatrout, and snook on those lures within casting distance of the beach. I'd imagine these are all possibilities in Ft Myers.
  • fishdishfishdish Posts: 1,223 Officer
    Where are you staying on Ft Myers Beach and are you opposed to covering a lot of ground by foot? Your best bet is going to find a spot with structure and stay there or cover a lot of ground with artifcials.
  • Homey16Homey16 Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    One spot I will be is right out from where I am staying, Kahlua Beach Club Resort. Will probably try other spots as well. I am willing o move some. Any suggestions?

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