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cobia, small blackfins and no dolphin - Jupiter Inlet September 29

No school so I took the day off to fish with my son and his friends. The boys are spearfishing crazy so the plan was to run and gun (literally) dolphin. We caught a bunch of sardines and headed east. Tough light with the cloud and small rain showers floating around and an absence of any weed or floating objects eventually had us heading back in to go to plan B: shoot fish in shallow water. On the way in we saw a bunch of small blackfins in 250 ft. off the Loran tower so we trolled up a few for sushi snacks. After trolling live bait down a large unproductive weed line in 110 feet off the Loran Tower we started checking our spear fishing sites. Dirty water eliminated most of them but we found some clean water on a ledge in 50 feet of water south of the Loran Tower. My son found the cobia on the bottom in 45 feet of water holding near a ray and a 41 inch cobia was soon heading home for dinner with us. On the way down the beach we saw multiple pods of mullet all the way to Jupiter and we blew up a large school of micro pompano north of Blowing Rocks. We would have fished the mullet schools but one of our crew did not confess to us that he was supposed to be in at 100 PM. So the day was cut short to deliver our awol crew but a good day none the less. We were all disappointed that we never saw anything that remotely looked like a dolphin but the cobia was a great plan B catch.

Fireman Bill

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