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2/28/15 Jupiter Offshore: Sails, Mahi, Sharks, Cherries and such

With the sea state as forecast was super happy I am booked all weekend on the 65' Hatt, cause when the seas get punchy, she punches back! :cool

Loaded up the well with 2 dozen frisky gogs thanks to Mr. Sportsman and away we went. Owner had a few guests aboard who were totally new to offshore fishing so they wanted to see some 'hello kitty kites' in action. So glad I had two pro mates onboard; thankfully the custom sportys they mate on full time are on the hard getting some maintenance done and they were able to work the 'pit.

Hit the inlet right at 8am or so right into an outgoing tide and a honking ENE swell and E winds so had to clutch forward it through the surfline and breakers but once free of the sandbar we went charging to the drop off.

Up went the kites and out went the gogs once we hit 140'. We soaked 'em for about 20 minutes and PEW! PEW! came tight on a double of Sails right off JUP inlet.

One spit the hook but boatside released the other and in the new hepcat lingo, POPPED A CHERRY. :grin

Set 'em up again and got out to 170' and a mini-mahi came bursting into the spread and wrecked havoc with the gogs. Came tight and put an angler on the rod. Got it close and spit the hook transom side, when then looked at hook and entire gog was still on hook; it never even was hooked, just refused to let go!

Kept pushing slowly E into the building seas and hooked up with 2 small sharks that were released. Once we got the spread out again I got to 185' and WHAP got a nice mahi and my 'pit Apes set the hook and put another guest on the rod. Took a little time but we got the 'fin close and sunk the gaff. It was his first Mahi, so POP again! It was a nice sized 'fin; some might say an 'E-money 40#'..... I kid! I kid! :grin Decent 18-20lber that came home for dinner.

By this time one of the guests began chumming so I told 'em to take down the kites, spun the rig around and started letting mother nature blow us back home. Got into 90' feet and had two more Mahi crash the two rigger baits. Unfortunately, lost both. One was a spit hook, the other got away when the leader got touched prior to the gaff shot.

Saw that big storm up north rolling in fast so spooled them Detroits up and headed for the barn.
Tally for the day
1-2 on Sails
2-2 on Sharks
1-3 on Mahi
2 -2 on cherry poppin'... :grin

Heading back out tomorrow for more and hopefully some more Sails show up.
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