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Pretty new to offshore fishing

FFleyva3FFleyva3 Posts: 23 Greenhorn
I just bought a Penn Battle 2 6000 series. I want to use it offshore for grouper but also want to use it for cobia and triple tail what kind of line should I get thanks for the help



  • Jim311Jim311 Posts: 4,961 Captain
    I went with 50 lb braid one mine. You can't give the grouper an inch when fishing the rocks!
  • FFleyva3FFleyva3 Posts: 23 Greenhorn
    i was thinking 50lb power pro what do you use ase a leader 60lb ?mono ?fluoro ?
  • Jim311Jim311 Posts: 4,961 Captain
    60LB mono for grouper digging and cobia. Generally a piece about 4 feet long, maybe longer with a 6/0 or 7/0 circle hook. I generally tie the leader to a barrel swivel with a weight above the leader when grouper digging or fishing the bottom for cobia. Sometimes I will freeline a small/medium mullet or pinfish with no weight for cobia, tarpon, or cutbait for shark which might be holding cobia on it. If you're casting to tripletail you might want lighter leader, and fluorocarbon. I think they require a lot more "finesse" to catch. You could catch a cobia or grouper on a wet dish rag unless you catch them on a real picky day where they aren't feeding too hard.
  • NaplesOffshoreNaplesOffshore Posts: 284 Officer
    I agree 50 will be good for grouper, only reason I go with 40 is cause I sometimes use it for kingfish and need to get more line on the reel.
  • lifegoesonlifegoeson Posts: 338 Deckhand
    Your going to be overkill for tripletail. A 3000 series would be way better suited, however regardless of line a long section of 15lb flouro will work for tripletail with a small hook.
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