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Swords on the north drift 9/29

Went out last night with a couple friends in an effort to get a swordy in the boat. Well I figured it was going to be flat out because I was out earlier in the morning catching Spanish macks for bait and it was flat then. Not the case at 630 pm. It was easily 2-3. Anyway, we ran the 30 miles se and set up for the drift at around 8pm. Set out the baits at 200, 300, and the tip rod varying between 100-300. At around 900 we had a strong run on the 200'. It was screaming!!!! By the time I got to the rod.....nothing. Dang. It was a nice fish. Anyway, about 1000 the 200 rod goes off again. This time we get tight and the fight is on. The fish sounded and had two nice long runs. After about a half hour the fish comes to the gaff and in the boat. Not a monster but 50 inches it was decent. Reset the lines for another drift and after an hour we called it and headed for the house. It picked up even worse on the way home and we had several 4's in a following sea. Also we had the tip rod bait get torn up. So we went 1/3. Not great but we have some sword steaks for the weekend.
Heard from old forum member IrieSoul and FourReelSVT. Not sure how you guys did......
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