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mreedmreed Posts: 1 Greenhorn
Hey folks,

Just found this site and signed on from Chitown. Heading down to the Bradenton area soon to buy a house or condo for the day when I can hangup the work shoes. An avid fisherman mostly in fresh water but everytime I get close to saltwater I have to get on the water and fish. I'm going to need a boat and guess that it would be 75%/25% bay to gulf use (need some experience for the gulf). Couple of questions..

How is the Bradenton area for fishing and ease of getting on the water and in general for living?

What easy priced T-Topped setup (19ish footer) would you suggest new or used that would best fit mostly intercoastal but able to run out on a calm day? I would think I could poke around and find a selection for 20M or less..

Does anyone live on a canal with gulf access? and are there any pitfalls to living on the canal?
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