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SLI 09-29-11 Dolphin, Dolphin and more Dolphin

Long time FS Southeast forum follower, first time contributor.

Kids were off school, which made for a perfect week day outing. We added my friend and his son to join for a boys day out and got to the inlet by 7:30am. Stopped at shimperrs to load up on a mixed bag of bait (should have stayed for more knowing now what we were about to find). Planned on going staight out to 1,000 ft area and look around. Not much so headed a bit north and found a decent slick with some dirty weed. Sent some liveys out around it, and came away with the first phin. got quiet so set up lines to troll. Continued north found another small weed line and then GOLD. Found a large storage tote floating in the weeds! ;)

It was on! within 30 seconds of passing the tote, left outrigger line gets hit - phin#2 on the boat. Turned back and sent out livey's and chum near tote and it started a feeding frenzy. phin#3,4,5,6,7,8 on board and these weren't schoolies. Unfortunately some got off and now out of liveys. Set the troll back up and at it again phin #9,10,11. In total we had 16 hooked and landed 11. Ran out of time (and bait) and called it a day. Didn't have a camera on board, but took these picks back at the dock. Will take action shots next time for sure.


11 of 16 Dolphin


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