anyone else use a Kayak to camp

I've been kayak camping for 15 or so years now.

Does anyone else camp out of there kayak

post your kayak, essentials, an prepping

Currently I paddle a Malibu X-Factor prob the best all around paddle kayak I have ever paddled (my opinion)
I just can bring myself to spend $3-4k on a peddle kayak
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  • jcanracerjcanracer Posts: 4,333 Moderator
    There was someone on this forum who went camping in Flamingo earlier this year, you might have to sift through the forum like 3 pages back.
    I was going to camp Flamingo, but my buddy bailed on me, and its just as well since I hadn't purchased my tent yet.
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  • sake138sake138 Posts: 79 Deckhand
    I paddle a perception search 13. I use an eno hammock to sleep in with a tarp, I plan on getting a bug net soon. Tents are to bulky to load on my yak imo, plus the hammock is super comfortable and and packs uo into a nice little 7 inch ball. My buddy paddles the same kayak as you and he sleeps out of a hammock also. We bring whatever we would need for a fire and bring a little burner for food and a small frying pan. Other then that lots of snacks like cliff bars, water. i also have one of those life straws depending on where we go if there is freshwater. Map if you don't know the area and gps, flash light, knife bug spray, fishing poles and anything else you feel you might need. Between the two of us we can bring a lot since we save on room without the tent.
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    I camp as much as I can from kayak. I have an X-factor as well and it definitely helps with carrying cargo. My biggest problem is not knowing many places to guerilla camp around Florida. I know which islands locally I can camp legally without threat of getting in trouble, but haven't found many other places around the state. I use a Hennessey hammock, bring a cooler full of alcohol, and bring a camping chair. I usually don't cook anything and eat pre-made sandwiches and cliff bars. I posted a report last year where we stayed on a chickee launching out of Flamingo.
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    Something I would like to try. Don't think a lot of folks do up in my area.

    Got one spoil area out in the bay I would like to try but need to find out if it is legal.
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