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Biscayne Bay croc and **** Bay kayaker flipped

lucluc Posts: 245 Officer
Went out Sunday and paddled near snapper creek canal. I knew they existed and have heard of sighting of a family under the boat docks in a private inlet north of matheson. I usually see manatees and dolphins every time on the yak but never a croc. I kind of knew I was in bad guy land so I am always looking out for them. Especially signs posted near matheson. I had just paddled around a mangrove corner and in less than two minutes I made my way back. In front of me about 15 yards on the corner where I had just paddled over, I saw a dinosaur tail roll. I knew what it was. It went subsurface and I could only see her back just bellow the water. She started making vibrations in the water and I could see tiny bubbles rising. I knew this was a warning sign thanks to my pal Steve Irwin (RIP). But I didn't need a warning sign. I got tight and swung wide left and went around as quickly as I could making my way back into the bay. Its not like I was being chased but speed helped. I was puckered up because I had only seen part of the tail and back which I guess the total length to be at least 9feet+. I know the 13 footer in flamingos size. This crocs back/belly was close to the size at flamingos ramp. I later researched why they "bellow" or emit vibrations, and saw mixed info about her warning her babies in the area danger is near and the other was a mating ritual. Some Irwin type on here might have more info. I just didn't feel like mating that day.
So they're out there. Its only a cool rare sight when you can see them, but not cool when they go under as you paddle by.

Interesting kayak stories continue. Few weeks ago I "rescued" another yaker in **** bay. I was on the other side when I saw from a mile away kayak profile but no one inside. I paddled to him and he was wading in chest high water and couldn't get back in. He had a cheap pelican sit inside, the drain plug on top was not there. **** bay had whitecaps which slowly filled up his stern where he flipped. He was shaking like crazy from the cold and said he had been in the water for 20 mins. He was trying to swim his way with a full boat to the mangroves for possible relief. I bailed him out and got him back in and we made our back. On land I then mentioned to him about the crocs possible gators. He was from another country and knew about them. We laughed because I obviously didn't talk to him about it while he was chest deep standing in mud. Don't kick a man while he's down!
Has anyone seen crocs in **** Bay?
We also agreed he would never paddle his sit inside again and use his other yak, a sit on top. He was proficient enough to paddle 15 miles and navigate through Hells bay by map and compass, but **** bays white caps rocked him. Could've been worse.

Luc OUT.


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