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2/24 maiden voyage!! On the newly named stugots!!

Well it's been a long process getting a new boat after my other one got stolen a couple of months ago .. So finally picked it up on Saturday and couldn't wait to drop it in the water :grin.. I was very tempted to try to go out on Sunday. But couldn't do that to my buddy Long.. It's kind of ritual to go together on maiden voyage. So I waited for him to come into town from Tennessee. I met him at sand sprit at 625 this am. quickly got boat in water and off we went:willynilly.. Cleared inlet with very little waves. So pointed boat to the hill and off we went.. Saw some birds gingerly working an area nw of hill in 220. So decided to put spread in. Found a rip and a decent line of weeds.:cool:huh.. Worked area up and down for 30 mins or so. Than wala got a hit. First we thought it was a sail. But never jumped turned out to be a decent cow... Got her in the boat in the ice bath.. Continue to work area for another 30. To no avail... So we headed east got to about 700. With nothing to fish on. So we head back west. Found a real nice rip and weed line in 440 ft.. Worked it and after 10 mins 4 rods start screaming all mahi . :dance. Now the drill is on. Long gets his in the boat as in working the other line. He quickly went to put that one on ice. But uh oh:nono. He some gets hooked in his ankle. And I said oh ****. As the other 3 lines are still working with fish. Anyways after a quick surgery he gets it out . And quickly helps me get all 3 in boat!! :cool.. So now after the mess and clean up we reposition . And work the area longer. No more bites..







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