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MadDog Mandich Tourney Free Entry

Hello forum brothas and sistas,

Our company is one of the sponsors of the mad dog tourney. For our contribution we are give 2 free entries into the tournamnet. Value is 400.00. You can read about the tourney here: http://www.maddogclassic.com/fl-keys/

I have one entry locked up with a boat and I will be fishing on that one. I need to fill the other entry or it goes to waste. Only two stipulations, the boat is signed up as Team FineAwards.com which is our company, and I need 1 angler spot for a foum buddy. He is a very good all around fisherman from bottom to Kites so he will be an asset, not a googan.

We cover the entry, you are responsible for all other expenses and my freind is willing to contribute.

Send me an IM for more details, I will give you my phone # to call me.


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