mixed bag offshore Sunday 2/22

It's hard to believe it was in the 30's just a couple days ago. The weather was incredible yesterday. We left Longboat pass a little after 7 and were fishing around 8. We started in about 90 ft. and didn't do as well as we had the last few trips. Maybe the cold weather had something to do with it. This time last year we had to go deeper to find fish. We moved out to 115ft. and this is where we did the best. We weren't too far from a wreck so we decided to try for yellowtails. We saw someone was on it so we changed plans and ran 13 miles back in to try for hogfish on a ledge in just under 60 ft. At the end of the day we had Red grouper, scamp, mangroves, porgies, throw back gags, an eel, a rock hind, and 7 hog fish. We were real excited about the hogfish. It was only the second time I had caught one and the first time on my own boat. It makes me want to bring shrimp every time.










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