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Is fly fishing really that great?



  • FishInFLFishInFL Posts: 2,222 Captain
    It is that great
  • SchmidtySchmidty Posts: 6,806 Admiral
    bonephish wrote: »
    I have to disagree. Once you've practiced on the lawn it's time to learn how to cast and fish from a boat, either alone or with a casting coach on the poling platform. Sooner or later you'll want a casting coach.

    Hi "bonephish".....

    A boat isn't the only place that a fly fisherman has to contend with...

    Many is the fella who owns a flyrod doesn't own a boat.

    Quite a few saltwater fly guys cast from the surf and that creates many problems that no boat guy will ever experience.

    One of which is when the beach behind you tapers up steeply so that if you take a "towards your target" approach you'll be smacking sand every time the line goes back .

    A modified "double haul" cast ...with the caster facing sideways with his arm raised high is them appropriate and necessary to achieve any modicum of distance and accuracy from such a perch.....
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