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Johnny Stewart Prey Master Digital Caller

Never used, plastic container opened but that's it. Parts unwrapped. For image:

The caller includes 3 plug in tapes. #1 has Desperate Cottontail, Pleading Chicken, Fawn Bleating Coywolf barks/howls
Tape #2 has Baby Cottontail, Distressed rodent, Kid Goat Distress, Coyote/grey Fox.
Tape #3 has Juvenile Cottontail, Gobbler distress, Red Shafted Flicker, Distressed housecat.
On the internet the tapes alone cost $14 each.

50' Extension line in addition to the 10' line so you can set up 60' away.

I live in the Orlando area.

Prices on the internet for the caller seem to range from around $60 to $80.
I'm going to drop down and ask $40 for everything.


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