Rocking the sinking lines

Capt. ScottCapt. Scott Posts: 94 Greenhorn
I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it sure is fun, easy,(up until you hook a beast like this) and a great option when the surf is up and the beach is shut down. Anthony Douglas had his hands full with this African Pompano for a bit on a ten weight. 41" length, 31" girth, 30 lbs...
Amberjacks, crevalles, horse eye's, assorted runners and cobia have also been encountered recently. Had a client using a five weight at the same place yesterday, throwing at 1-4 lbs barjacks, when what had to be a fifty lb Amberjack inhaled and departed with the barjack he was fighting. Not much to do except watch the line melt off his reel....right down to the knot. Leader broke at the end of it, so luckily got the fly line back.
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