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36" John Deere walk behind

1650 bucks cash. No trades, no low ball offers. good condition, not used a whole lot. Was a backup mower when I used to run a crew. Comes with 2 wheel sulky. Email me at [email protected]


  • hotrailshotrails Posts: 440 Deckhand
    Have a friend looking, what brand engine & size does unit have , also is the deck a stamped deck or heavy steel deck, belt drive or hydro.
  • ProFISHentProFISHent Posts: 731 Officer
    Kholer motor I will check engine size, I believe it's heavy steel deck that's mostly what John Deere used at the time (don't know about now), it's belt driven which in my opinion is much better, one less expensive thing to break but I know some prefer hydro for walk behinds
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