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So I'm here in Orlando for a few more months before I have to move home to Ohio to help take care of my father, but while I'm here, I have made it a goal to catch a largemouth over 10lbs. I know that's a tall order for anyone, but I'm determined. I normally fish artificials but hear that live bait is the way to go... and I've also heard BIG shiners are likely the way to do it. I've been all over the Internet looking for tips. So what I'm looking for here would be any advice for lakes or lake I should stick too. I have a 10' Kayak so getting around a large body of water is tough. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, I am a catch and release fisherman... takes big fish to make big fish! Thanks everyone! Tight lines!!!


  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 10,176 Moderator
    Stickmarsh has them. I doubt there is a decent size lake in that area that doesn't have a bass over 10lbs in it.
    NOW is the time. Yes , big giant shiners are the best way. I would drift or slow troll them nose hooked out over the deeper ledges and weed edges near any hard bottom flat. With this colder weather I believe the truly big ones are waiting to move in to start spawning.

    If there has been a string of warm days , up tight to the shallow overhead cover and mats will be the ticket. Use a cork and keep the bait on the edge.

    Good luck.
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  • Ripper of lipsRipper of lips Posts: 9 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the advice Capt. Louie! I fished Stick Marsh once a couple months back using med size shiners... caucht a 12lb blue cat, but that was it. It was a bit windy out then and was only able to fish the northern half. I'll be sure to pick up the big shiners next time!
  • Ripper of lipsRipper of lips Posts: 9 Greenhorn
    Oh and thanks dixiedad! Did a little research on Rodman... sounds promising!
  • JettyparkJettypark Posts: 1,969 Captain
    Sometimes we tend to leave fish to look for fish and that in my humble opinion is only going to have you chasing your tail.

    We have bass going over ten pounds in almost all our lakes right here in Orlando...without the pressure of places
    like Rodman or the drive...with your kayak you can sneak into many of our little lakes that don't have public access
    Do a google map search in your area and than go scout the area....

    Shiner fishing is my all time fav then comes worms during this time of yr..... I am able to do both... I cast out the
    shiner and let him do the fishing for me...and at the same time fish another setup with a worm...oh I only do
    this when I'm using a float...

    I also realize shiner fishing can get $$$$$$$$ :banghead unless you can catch them yourself.... another bait that
    will catch large bass is a small live bluegill...

    another thing> don't go light when fishing large live shiners Good luck and look up our old fishing report
    you might find a lot of great little places to hit here in central fla :wink
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  • Ripper of lipsRipper of lips Posts: 9 Greenhorn
    Wow...! Thanks for the advice Jettypark. I have been considering fishing the Orlando area a little more... bc of the drives and the sizes of the bodies of water I'd like to fish. Maybe have to rent a boat or look for a guide.

    I've been fishing lake Ivanhoe a bit and have seen some nice fish in there. The biggest I caught was 4.45lbs on a green Yum stick worm. I've got 40lb braid on a heavy/fast action Bait casting outfit that I could put a shiner on.... my other gear might be a little lighter than I'd like to fish shiners on. also I was wondering about shiner hooks and what is best? Have some Owner #2 circle hooks but missed 2 fish last week trying them out before switching to different finesse hooks whIle out on Toho. Don't want to lose the fish of my lifetime because of funky hooks.

    I have the 14th -17th of March off and was looking to do some camping/fishing somewhere... maybe even look for some reds and snook... if either of them are biting anywhere.

    Again... thanks you guys! I really appreciate the advice. I've been literally paddling my *** off looking for bass down here. And if there is anyone looking for a fishing partner, hit me up! I'm off every other Sunday and every Monday.... and its most likely I'm fishing anyway.
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