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SGI weekend trip 20 species caught

Crew of 4 in the MisFortune for the weekend at SGI. Weather could not have been pretty, crew could have...
Hit rubble pile Friday afternnon for Gags, ARS (released) mangos, kings.
Off to King Rock hard bottom Saturday- could have water skied all the way out.
Found a good surface jump with spanish, bonita and little tunnies, messed with that for an hour-
Hard bottom produced 22"- 24" gags, undersized red grouper, black bass, mangos, LOTS of kings on flat balloon line - gulf Toadfish which was only thing uglier than the crew, bluefish, red snapper to 24", sharks including a couple of 7' nurses which is like reeling up a washing machine.

Sunday- you do not leave fish to find fish- so back to hard bottom. Not as good but different- 26" mango and a Hogfish- first for my boat. We counted up and figured we had about 20 different species for the weekend.

Did you notice what was missing? No redfish- we stopped each evening at the cut on the way back in and drifted for reds without a single taker.

See ya in a month-


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