You South Floridians have it made

krhyde1066krhyde1066 GreenhornPosts: 78 Greenhorn
With the Gulfstream so close to Dania and Boynton beaches, you South Florida guys have it made. Pelagic species so close to shore, being able to Saltwater fish whenever you want, within reason. .The rest of us just have to dream about our vacations when we will make it down there for a week or two.. I caught this photo of a northern guy wanting to go kayak fishing and I named it "DETERMINATION"


  • timmcollinstimmcollins Officer Posts: 855 Officer
    We do have it made. From offshore to inshore and soo many species. Now you know why I live here and not there ^^^.
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  • jcanracerjcanracer Moderator Posts: 4,334 Moderator
    AWESOME photo.
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  • JanosJanos Officer Posts: 219 Officer
    You are so right.We love to live here and we could go fishing anytime we want.That picture is just gives mi chills.
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  • oarknotoarknot Deckhand Posts: 246 Deckhand
    Every place you live has its caveats...

    This is the only guy who is going home with a walleye dinner on that lake for sure, and in my opinion is just as lucky as (if not more so) than any of us who take home black fin with any regularity.
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