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Free Fuel!

Anyone have any use for about 20-25 gallons of gasoline and diesel, mixed 50/50? I managed to pump about 12 gallons of diesel into my flats boat tonight on my way back from fishing. The Chevron at NE 14th Street and US-1 has the pumps set up like so:

With the boat tight against the pumps, I didn't see that there were 4 of them, and just assumed the one all the way to the left was 87 octane. Stupid me.

If anyone has any use for this mix, I'll let you have it for nothing if you can pump it out. Want to throw a big bonfire party? Have an old heap that will run on whatever you put in the tank? Come and get it. I'm in Pompano, off Atlantic between 95 and US-1. Someone please take this off my hands.


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