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Honest Question for the Anti-Gun LWNJ's?



  • chubascochubasco Posts: 18,390 Officer
    fins4me wrote: »
    I have never been a supporter of the farm bill,

    especially the parts that have NOTHING to do with farming... Welfare, subsidies, trading policies that are not in favor of the American Farmer and other idiocy attached to it.

    Yet you staunchly support the party that created it and bloats it up year after year.
  • fins4mefins4me Posts: 14,487 AG
    fins attempts to distinguish between "he wants to get rid of parts of The Constitution" AND "he would like to see portions (of the Constitution of this nation) removed" by referring to himself in the 3rd person. OK.

    Anyway fins tries to cut it "wants to" OR "would like to"? Would like to "get rid of" OR see "removed"? Still shows "lack of respect for the constitution!" as well as "the rules".

    fins can't even say Amendment. He's more of the "see portions removed" type. No wonder Mitt the Twit's promise to Get Rid Of Big Bird appealed to him.

    I truly believe that your preoccupation with literalism must be a result of severe retardation.
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  • FibberMckeeFibberMckee Posts: 12,837 AG
    fins compulsively tries to prove his preoccupation with illiteratism.

    What fins "truly believes" has been shown to be FOS so many times "severe retardation... must be a" big step up.
  • ThrottleThrottle Posts: 2,839 Captain
    And I don't need to see a "a real life home invasion" video b/c I'm the survivor of a real life home invasion.
    So the homeowner didn't shoot you? Did you serve much time? Would you do a home invasion again?
  • ThrottleThrottle Posts: 2,839 Captain
    Plan Sea wrote: »
    Sure there is. One has to require a background check (dealer) other does not (individual) Both can sell an identical product yet one is immune from federal requirements FOR RESALE. That's a loophole if each person has a Glock 19 for sale.

    There are several States that require BC's for ALL sales at GUN SHOWS, ergo closing the "Gun show" loophole for purchase when offered 2 venues of resale (private/dealer)

    Sound about right?
    Gun banners would LOVE to require documentation of all gun transfers since that would constitute a de facto registry, making confiscation so much easier.
  • ThrottleThrottle Posts: 2,839 Captain
    Countless thugs "have been buying firearms from individuals (anywhere they like) for a lot of years".

    And there have been countless issues.
    Exactly. Just as illegal drugs somehow find their way to eager purchasers, so will illegal guns. Bad guys who consider guns as "tools of the trade" will always have them. Regardless of the laws that you and I follow, the criminals will keep on breaking them. Should decent people be able to defend themselves legally?
  • ThrottleThrottle Posts: 2,839 Captain
    Re: Farm Bill
    chubasco wrote: »
    Yet you staunchly support one of the two parties that created it and bloats it up year after year.
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