Local Rod Building/repair

I tried posting this in the rod building section a while back and had no luck.

I have an old True Temper Montague 7776 rod blank. Not sure the exact specs but its 7ft and its solid glass (so, heavy), I'd guess 30-50lbs class rod. Beautiful green blank. Was a Conventional setup with roller tip and wood handles. Well the reel seat broke. The reel seat is all part of the one piece wooden fore/rear grip. I decided this thing would be better off getting a full make over. I have stripped it down to the blank...as best I could, that wooden handle was a beast. So, here are my "plans" and I am looking for both suggestions and local rod builder that can make my dream a reality!

I want to make this a heavy spinning bottom/tarpon/bridge rod. I am debating between foam grips or cork tape/xwraps...graphite reel seat or aluminum...rubber gimbal or graphite (w/cap). Any insight to these blanks would be great...as well as any ideas for the build. Most importantly a good local rod builder recommendation would be awesome!


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