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Weds 9/28 report Haulover

Cleared the cut at 8:00,after getting bait inside.Ran out to 900 ft and started trolling.No weeds,birds,anything floating at all.Went to 1550 ft and decided to zig zag back in.Finally a hit on the port short.A jack,trolling in 1500 ft:cry.Came across a few weeds in 1050,got a hookup on the diver.1 jump and its off.Got a schoolie here and there but all were loners.Talking 14-18 fish.Kept trolling and picked up 2-30 inch fish in the same area.It was a slow day,but the better fish came off the diver.I did have 2 other hook ups,but they got off.Only fish to take a lure on the surface was the jack.Small fish from pitching pilchards.Was hoping for a better day with all the good reports.


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