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Stuart Offshore 9/28/11 - Multiple sailfish on another bait ball

We had one last day to try and score my brother his first sailfish release while he was in town. After finding seven man-o-war birds over a bait ball with a couple sails and a bunch of blackfins feeding yesterday, I though we blew our opportunity. Well lightning struck twice and we found another bait ball today with 5 frigates and a tern over it in 160' that had at least a dozen sails slashing bait all over the surface. What a show to say the least! The challenge today is that we only had mullet and hornbellies for livies, and the sails seemed to be only dialed into the sardines they were balling. We still managed to get two sails hooked up on the hornbellies, but luck of the Irish wasn't with us and both sails threw the circle hooks back at us after a good run and a few jumps each. It's very rare to lose sails on circle hooks as they have great holding power, but to have it happen twice was disappointing. I can't imagine what kind of damage we could have done with sardines in our livewell, but we'll never know. Wish I had the time to film everything we witnessed taking place 20' off the boat today, but it will live in our memory regardless. It was spectacular and straight out of the Discovery Channel.

Our feathered friends at work


Our pointy friends


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