Sewage spill likely cause of Ten Mile Canal fish kill

this is not good ...surprised have not heard more about it

Posted: Jan 21, 2015 3:18 PM ESTUpdated: Jan 21, 2015 6:16 PM ESTBy Bryan Anderson, Collier County Reporter

FORT MYERS, FL -A sewage spill last Thursday is believed to have caused a fish kill in Ten Mile Canal. Hundreds of dead fish washed up in the Fort Myers waterway.

Authorities with Lee County tested the canal Wednesday and by all indications the fish kill was due to the sewage spill.

They have added oxygen and lime to the water in an effort to clean up the waterway.

The area has become a feeding ground for vultures that are able to pick through some fish a foot or two long. Tasty treats for them but not so much for park visitors.

Fish carcasses line the embankment creating an unsightly and smelly situation. Linear Park is a hotspot for exercisers but the stench is understandably a turn off.

"I counted 225 and then I quit counting. We quit walking the canal for a few days. This is the first day we've been back," said Chris Mosier park visitor.
A broken sewage pipe caused the sewage spill. Fort Myers City workers found it last week at the intersection of Carrel Road and Palm Avenue. They contacted the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

Five days into the spill, the city is still trying to find out who owns the pipe.

The canal eventually feeds into Estero Ba

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