Great day for REDS

I usually fish the East Central Inshore region all over mosquito lagoon and the indian river, but I saw there was going to be a 2 day stretch of perfect weather last wednesday, I needed to come see if my fishing hole would treat me right. I launched my kayak off of the holmes beach bridge and headed toward Prices key. I was probably 1/2 mile out when I saw my first small school of redfish. I tossed out a shrimp on a jig head. After about a minute, BOOM, fish on. It was a nice 23-inch slot red with 3 spots on it (which was pretty sick!) This was at about 10 am with a pretty low tide. My next red came in the afternoon during the high tide still around prices key around the oyster beds. Another small school of reds came into view and once again I used a nice little shrimp on a J hook this time and I felt the thump, and then I set the hook right in the lip. This little SOB took me for a little ride but then I showed it who was boss and landed him. he was a fat 25 inch red. After that I called it a day. I can't wait until I make this 2 hour trip to Anna Maria Island again when it warms back up. GOOD LUCK AND TIGHT LINES


  • StrozziStrozzi Posts: 14 Greenhorn
    Nice reds man. The daily bag limit on those guys are 1 per person per day in the South section btw... wasn't sure if you knew. Glad you got to see some action after that long drive.
  • johnDjohnD WC FLPosts: 6,391 Admiral
    yep , same bag limit applies over here as it does on the east central side.

    nevertheless , nice fish.
  • ElkchaserElkchaser Posts: 180 Deckhand
    Tight work ��
  • KyleStyleKyleStyle Posts: 426 Deckhand
    Welcome to the forum! :fishing
  • permit_mepermit_me Posts: 924 Officer
    :wink, I think he meant Anclote.
  • Bassin AssassinBassin Assassin Posts: 1,232 Officer
    First report on this forum and you are over the daily limit for reds. ****?! Not cool!!! It wasn't a "Great Day" for one of those reds. Stay over in the ML or IR if you are going to do that kind of crap.
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  • npazonpazo Posts: 2 Greenhorn
    I was actually told recently that the regulation changed to 2 reds per day (aka this is the first and last time) but apparently thats only the northern regions of florida. I have practiced the 1 Redfish per day limit since I started fishing with my dad. Ignorance is never an excuse but better believe that won't happen again. I love my redfish and I want my kids and everyone else's kids to enjoy that Red beauty as well. Thanks for that. Looks like I need to send my size 10.5 shoe where the sun doesn't shine to whoever told me this.
  • jimmy77jimmy77 Posts: 1,690 Captain
    Careful going on what your told, but you know that now... Always check the regs when fishing a new area. They can be just as confusing to the ones that enforce them.
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