Great Lake of Mexico 1/21

We loaded up the boat with Bait and beer and headed 25 miles west to 80ft on some Limestone looking for Red grouper with little luck in the past we're hoping for one to remember.
Stopped in about 40 ft for bait on sabiki and full stringers of pinfish, squirrelfish, and sardines were being loaded into the livewell, along with 4 dozen jumbo shrimp. :huh
I almost forgot I just went and got a Lowrance HDS 9touch and **** what a nice unit, til the touchscreen didn't work when we arrived at the first spot, no worries called Navico and got it taken care of brand new one on the way.
Back to it first drop squid tipped glow worm on 4 oz jig get smashed but its a Gag, see ya in a few months.
Now we rigged up 6 0z weights on 60 lb flouro with a No 7 circle hook with a lively pin and first couple keepers came over the rail so we switched to some jigs and started playing.
Pink was the magic color on the jigs, we also used 1/2oz jigheads with a live grunts produced a keeper. Nothing too big all in the 22-26'' range about 10lbs, the bite just wasn't what we wanted. Maybe the flat seas do play a roll in bites... :shrug:shrug
So lets head to Treasure Island 2 and grab some donkeys for a workout, greeted by 3 other boats on the horizon we weren't the only one with this idea. No worries got chum for days, anchor up 100 ft in front of the wreck and brought the ajs to us.
No problem hooking them but on light tackle the fight is on.
Lost 2 to Big boys so I rigged up my biggest rod with a 16 circle and sent down the biggest bait, didn't take 5 mins and the fight was on. Busted my 60lb braid until I ran out of hooks and decided to call it a day. All in all it was a great one, hit the ramp about 5:30 just to sit in traffic....The Life. Pics and vids to come.


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