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Lake Worth Inlet Dolphin


Been an on and off again member since before 2000. Met a few of you characters (EMoney) at CNTDR's North Palm get together awhile back.

First trip out after beating my brains out replacing a fuel tank on a Mako 224 I bought last June. Threw some ice and a couple of rigged 'Hoo's and headed ESE out the inlet around 10:45am.

Great day, saw the dissipating cells noted in the other post. No birds, weeds or anything during a nice 25kt cruise until about 8 miles out. found a nice rip with a couple of weed patches, plastic bottles ect. Being solo, and basically a "no child left behind" newbie compared to you guys here, I was juggling 1 ballyhoo and decided to try a quick troll. Within 2 minutes i hooked a mini schoolie Dolpin and left him near the boat to see if he had any friends. Grabbed on min 14" pitched with a small dead finger mullet, tossed him back and then had a swarm of his preschoolers near the boat. Ready to toss again and saw what looked like to me a green submarine move by the boat (ok at least it looked big to me). Tossed the dead finger mullet and hooked a nice 16 lb cow with a decent little jump. Not wanting to screw up and lose it like I've done in the past, I got a lucky gaff and into the boat. I was paid back with a tail slap in the right jaw :icon10
Into the fish box she went.

My delinquent hooked schoolie manage to wrap the line around the prop, so by the time I got it clear, the class had left. A quick troll with no bites and I decided to quit while ahead and was cruising by Sailfish at 12:30.

Gotta love it when a trip to the ocean to get some Mahi ends up being almost as quick as a trip to Publix, got 7lbs of meat out of it.:icon10
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