Redfish on Artificial!

Got off work early yesterday with enough time to slip the boat in and fish the high outgoing water for a hour or so.
Worked some deep mangrove points with a few hook ups with some smaller fish that shook the jig. With the way i've been doing on some of the docks in the area with live shrimp lately, I figured id slip on my trusty go to artificial for redfish which resembles a shrimp which I then glob a good amount of procure shrimp scent on. Rigged on a 1/8th oz jig head I began skipping this under docks and working it slowly on the bottom almost just dragging it back to the boat with a few twitches of the rod. Missed a nice fish that wrapped me up around a piling and broke me off. Ended up fishing through this string of docks pretty quickly and landed 2 nice Redfish before I headed back in. Hope ya enjoy the video!!


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