1/20 Yellowtails, Wahoo, Blackfin and Nice Phin Off Tavernier

Had a 4 hour trip with a couple of guys of Canada that love to fish. Stopped at the reef for some Yellowtail fishing. Fish cooperated quickly had 20 in the box for their fish fry. Yellowtail bite was in 75 ft. Had the fish fired up and was catching them on straight 30 lb braid with #4 hooks. Bull Sharks were thick. Don't be afraid to try something outside your comfort level when it comes to catching tails in the Keys, have fun in the process.

Got the lines in and quickly found 2 nice wahoo, one nice Bull dolphin(had a baby phin in its belly) and blackfin. Short trip but the action was very good. Have a good rest of the week. Ryan


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