01-21-2015 Offshore Fishing Trip - Flat Winter Seas

The second offshore trip of 2015 is in the books. Some friends & I just had to take some time off from work when we saw the weather and wind predictions. Just an amazingly smooth day offshore for the winter months. We were fishing by 9:15 in around 85 feet and heading back in by 1:45. Bite was OK early, slowed around 11-12:30 then back on strong till we left them. The last five drops we had three nice keeper Reds and called it. We had two Grouper over 15 lbs caught and a mess more between 7 & 12 lbs plus some Snapper & more mixed in. We used all cut bait consisting of Sardines and Squid. As is typical for my Red Grouper fishing I like to use jigging rods and braid because of the feel. What is hard for some anglers to get use to is that you feel everything so here is a hint......wait for the bite, not the nibble! One of the two largest fish came on the Tsunami Facet Jig while the other ate a Sardine off a Owner 6/0 circle hook. The seas were amazing. We ran out at 39 mph for the entire 22 mile trip and on the way back we ran between 47 and 53 mph and I could have gone quicker....incredible!!


  • larrywittlarrywitt Posts: 2,639 Moderator
    "Wow" what a day to be on the water. I keep on picking the wrong days.
    Thanks for your report.
  • RMDRMD Posts: 1,796 Officer
    That's a great report Jeff, and a fantastic day on the water. Great work!
  • iss that riteiss that rite Posts: 55 Greenhorn
    AWESOME catch :fishing

  • sagorysagory Posts: 614 Officer
    Very nice! There have been alot of good fish in that general depth lately. Sucks the weekends have been windy. Those lane snapper would make some fine ceviche!!
  • ReelsmoothReelsmooth Posts: 86 Greenhorn
    Nice catch
  • NailerNailer Posts: 304 Deckhand
    That is amassing! Very nice.
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