African Pompano

Went to the Bahamas this weekend and caught two African Pompano's. Each was about 10 to 12lbs. Just wondering how good they are to eat and how best to cook them.



  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,130 AG
    I ate one from the Bahamas and remembered it as good to eat. Can't recall how we cooked it. Might want to Google that.
  • TavernierGuyTavernierGuy Posts: 917 Officer
    Heard they make great tacos.
  • keylargo359keylargo359 Posts: 1,249 Officer
    anyway you cook fish is good as long as it's fried
    The worst day of fishing is still better than the best day of work:\
  • Permit RatPermit Rat Posts: 2,283 Captain
    Africans are very good......treat them just as you would any other jack or firm fleshed fish.
  • capciofficapcioffi Posts: 808 Officer
    They are delicious!!
  • FlagtailsFlagtails Posts: 576 Officer
    capcioffi wrote: »
    They are delicious!!

    Yeah, they sure are. All gone. I had it as Sashimi and simply fried some. It was by far one of the best tasting fish i've ever had. It was a moist white meat. Sure hope I catch more of them.

  • Andyman33Andyman33 Posts: 119 Deckhand
    those found mainly on wrecks? howd u get them?
  • FlagtailsFlagtails Posts: 576 Officer
    Andyman33 wrote: »
    those found mainly on wrecks? howd u get them?

    Wrecks is what I would have thought but these were caught in 30ft of water fishing for Yellowtail.

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