YellowBrick Road off Tavernier

Mentioned in my last few reports how good the snapper fishing is. Yesterday afternoon had a 1/2 day and with clients that wanted to go to snapper fishing. We had flat calm conditions and a no wind. Not the greatest for YT, but nice for us. Figured we we would give it shot then move into patch for mangroves.

You know its good day when you can selectively harvest fish 22 inch YT that are eating out of the chum bag. The bull sharks were lurking below but we got the best of them by locking down the drags. We took 10 Yellowtails for a hook and cook dinner at Snappers and released another 20 fish as they were heading to Key West today not a fan of killing fish that are going to go to waste. I think they had more fun taking photos of the Yellowtails than they did catching them :blowkiss

Heard on the radio the Mutton Snapper spawn is under radar again by the FWC. Meeting I think was this week, but not sure.

Have a good one-



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