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LWI- 9/27 Dolphin and Tunas

A good friend of Mine (NikoDon on the Forum) finally had a day off of work with decent conditions, so we made plans to get out early. Broke the Inlet at about 7am and realized we were already an hour late for the best conditions... I'm out of practice with these morning trips- usually go out in the afternoon. Need my beauty sleep!

Amyway, the plan was to find some good weedlines and stock the deep freezer with Dolphin, so we were heading out. We put the high-speed Wahoo lures in (no reason not to have a bait in the water!) and ran out the Inlet S/SE. With black clouds and heavy rain way offshore, it looked like we were running right into a hurricane, but I promised NikoDon (and myself) that we weren't going THAT far!

No high speed bites, and no weeds, birds, bait, slicks or really anything until well past 1,000 foot depth. At the 1,200ft line, we saw a slick and headed for it, and 2 minutes later saw a huge barnacle covered log- JACKPOT!

I cranked in the long Wahoo baits ASAP and started running out the Phin lures as NikoDon was still cranking the long bait and weight in from his side. I slid out the spreader and a green/yellow chugger and BAM! Fish on!

I winched in a small dolphin on the spreader- right about 20-22", unhooked him and tossed him back, instantly hooked another one on the chugger that was a small keeper about 25", boxed him and went to reset.

I looked over at NikoDon... and he still didn't have his long Wahoo bait reeled in!

ME: "Dude, I can't believe you still don't have that one line reeled in."

NikoDon: "It's hard to reel. Must be weeds or something."

When he finally got it near the boat and I just started laughing- there was a nice dolphin being winched in! 2.5# weight, shock leader, 1# 16" homemade Wahoo lure, and... the 6# Dolphin that tried to eat it!

We put out some chunk baits, a big live runner, and a whole squid and NikoDon almost instantly hooked up with a 20-ish pound Bull but broke it off right at the boat.

We followed that log for a bit, tripled, doubled, doubled. Then we couldn't follow it any more b/c it was drifting right into the storm, so we trolled the line away from the storm, and the troll bite kept going strong for about an hour. Eventually the the triples turned to doubles, then doubles turned to singles, and by 9:30 or so we decided we'd had enough!

Trolling we got about a dozen of those fish with the brown bars over their eyes. What are they actually called? I always heard them called Bar Jacks, but someone told me yesterday that they are Banded Rudderfish and that they are good eats.

We ran away from the storm basically due West and started seeing the most amazing blue water in about 450'. I didn't want to stop until we saw something "fishy" but it was beautiful water anyway.

In about 300' we saw a lone Frigate bird circling, and the fish finder lit up about 40-50' down with a solid ball of what must have been bait. I switched out the small dolphin lures and chasebaits for bigger lures hoping for a Wahoo or a Sail, and set out the lines.

Not 5 minutes later and CRAAACKK! The Green Machine on the Long Rigger gets slammed! Wondering what this mystery fish could possibly be that ate a 13" Green Machine rigged on #12 wire, I fought the fish while two more lines went off! I got it close and... Blackfin! And a good sized one- about 10#. The other two were carbon copies... 3 X 10# Blackfins in the box!

So much for "Blackfins won't hit wire"!

We reset, circled, and passed that bird and bait ball several times, getting doubles and triples on Blackfins. Finally, about 2PM we called it quits.

Tally for the day:

12/18 on Dolphin, kept 6 (we only keep good sized ones or mortally wounded ones)
9/12 on Blackfin, kept 6 (5 on wire or cable)
1 Skipjack- 10#
1 Barracuda- 2# dink
0/2 hard run mystery bites
tons of those banded fish

It was a great day on the water! There were storms, but they were scattered and easy to avoid. And the weather report 2-3's were pretty much only in the afternoon.
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