Don't let the cold fronts stop you!

Last Thursday January 8th Florida had its first real cold front! The first freeze warning we have had in the Tampa area for 2015. The high was Low sixty's. Yeah I know what your thinking thats nothing compared to what some anglers deal with up north but when you factor in the thirty degree wind chill and winds from ten to twenty mph. That right there will keep florida folks inside. Thursdays and Sundays are my only free days from work and school so I was very determined to get on the water no mater what the elements brought my way. I had a flipping set up with a 1oz weight, 40lb Kast King braided line, and a Gambler Why not for the pads. Then I had a lighter set up with a 5/16 oz weight, on 17b suffix mono, and a Bitters Bait vibe worm for the banks and open water. I headed straight to the lilly pads and started some flipping. My first fifteen minutes were slow but I could see slight movement around the pads. I saw a lilly pad twitch so I flipped the why not over to that pad and as soon as that bait hit the water that bass nailed it! Nice four pounder landed! With that being the only bass I could get to take the bait in the pads I decided to head over to the bank and throw under the over hanging trees. On my third cast the worm was hit and a nice little dink was in the boat! With those two bass being the only bass of the day I was very happy with my outcome considering the weather. Don't let the cold keep ya in! Layer up, bring plenty of chap stick, and go after those bass like you would any other day!


  • johnDjohnD WC FLPosts: 6,391 Admiral
    WTG Sydney !! It's getting "about that time" of year :) I was using sufix mono for a while then went to vanish 20lb after landing one right at 12 lbs on it.. I won't use anything else for worming , senkos , flukes , etc.
  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 9,702 Moderator
    Nice fish Syd. Although I generally choose to not fish in those conditions sometimes there is no choice.

    The fish will still eat. Just not as often as we would like :wink
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  • inshore daveinshore dave Posts: 544 Officer
    Nice Sydney. Soon I'll have one day off during the week to fish. Keep it up.
    2014 Hobie PA14-Dune
  • JettyparkJettypark Posts: 1,952 Captain
    Great Job Sydney...most guys would say heck with that LOL... we still been going out at nite and catching bass... not the numbers that
    we like... but being out there is still better than watching TV... again great job...
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