Well, we now have the last bit of evidence that there is no shortage of American Red Snapper in the Gulf of Mexico and that the government has been keeping them hidden at the infamous Area 51. We stumbled upon this mystery location yesterday afternoon to discover the fastest, non-stop, large fish ARS bite we have ever encountered. In 120 feet of water, these huge, alien fish, would slam your stoutest meat stick against the gunwale again and again using squid, sardines, live bait - it didn't matter. This would continue until your back gave out, fighting belt or not. Mixed in with these beasts were some amberjacks that you could not lift off the bottom and other fish, that, if you tried to, would break your terminal tackle somewhere in between hook and main line. Those in control of Area 51 would not allow us to keep any of these plentiful, magnificent fish, the captain told us, so back to the depths they went. One goliath grouper, approx. 200 lbs., was also landed and released at this mysterious place.

Upon leaving this land, we fished another spot that allowed us the luxury of putting a handful of nice red grouper, a keeper AJ, and an assorted mixed bag into the box. It was cold and windy, seas were rough, our fish box just average, and I desperately need some deep tissue muscle massage. BUT.... Area 51 does exist after all. I KNEW it!

Kris' goliath




Justin (aka GRUMPY GROUPER) with a big ARS

Justin and Kris with a double header

The author with a nice ARS

Not the best bag ever but can't win 'em all
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  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 9,935 Moderator
    The red snapper triangle ! Wow , that has a nice ring to it.

    Your lucky to make it back :cool:
    "You'll get your weather"
  • freshfromthesaltfreshfromthesalt Posts: 138 Officer
    capt louie wrote: »
    The red snapper triangle ! Wow , that has a nice ring to it.

    Your lucky to make it back :cool:
    Capt. Louie,

    You're right about that. And not just because of the "triangle" area but seas were ROUGH! Was in very seaworthy vessel though.
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  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 9,935 Moderator
    Looks like you had you hands full. Those are some nice snapper.
    "You'll get your weather"
  • grumpygroupergrumpygrouper Posts: 21 Greenhorn
    Sickest spot I have ever fished in my entire life. The Grumpy Grouper was extremely impressed.......almost had to call for the fighting belt. Next time going to have to break out the biggest stick I own, and probably a fighting harness, in order to try to land the alien leviathans that luck at Area 51. Huge thanks to Capt. Eric and Kris for putting us on such a memorable bite!!
  • grumpygroupergrumpygrouper Posts: 21 Greenhorn
    18lb ARS on spinning rod with 25lb fluorocarbon leader and 1/2oz jig head was an epic battle......did not know if he was ever going to stop ripping drag!!
  • Mango ManMango Man Posts: 11,075 AG
    Nice job guys. We went out mid-morning and it was snotty and you guys went at least twice the distance we did.

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  • spydermonkeyspydermonkey Posts: 765 Officer
    Hey give me the #'s and i'll forward them to the government. I'm a good friend of Obama's.
    In all seriousness though nice catch!
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  • Reel-LuckyReel-Lucky Oldsmar, FLPosts: 3,097 Moderator
    Very nice mixed bag, some trophy Grunts in the mix.
  • sagorysagory Posts: 614 Officer
    That will be a memorable trip for sure. Incredible snapper to say the least. Thanks for the report.
  • FlatsFrenzyFlatsFrenzy Posts: 893 Officer
    Looks like an epic trip.

    Those big ARS will definitely take you to the rail on light tackle.
    Gulf Coast of FL
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  • freshfromthesaltfreshfromthesalt Posts: 138 Officer
    Looks like an epic trip.

    Those big ARS will definitely take you to the rail on light tackle.

    You ain't kidding! The bigger ARS we got to the boat and some other fish that we never even got a glimpse of had our thickest rods buckled over the side of the boat. Every angler on the boat got broken off at least once. My guess is that, based on what we DID see, we got outmatched by some very big ARS, AJs and probably another Goliath or two. On one particular drop, I was using a very short, stout All-Star rod with a Penn Senator 114 Special with the drag locked down. The fish was taking drag and the rod was surely close to its breaking point. Was glad the leader snapped instead - 150 lb. test leader!!! This was the proverbial "bringing a knife to a gun fight".
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  • releasegearreleasegear Posts: 708 Officer
    I think i've fished there too! great job

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  • harbisonharbison Posts: 3,400 Captain
    Those ARS pictures must be fake. After all, NOAA can 'prove' that they do not exist.
  • rkmurphyrkmurphy Posts: 71 Greenhorn
    Nice haul
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