Don't Shoot The Preacher

mikevmikev Posts: 10,822 AG
Or you may just end up dead:


Osceola County deputies now say a man shot at a church near Poinciana had fired shots at the church's pastor, who returned fire with his own weapon, hitting the man.

Deputies responded shortly after 8 a.m. to the Living Water Fellowship, at 4101 Pleasant Hill Road. There they spoke with witnesses and those involved, who said a meeting was taking place to fire Benjamin Parongan, a maintenance worker at the church.

According to deputies, Parongan pulled out a handgun and fired multiple shots at Pastor Terry Howell, who took out his own weapon and fired back, striking Parongan.

Howell was not injured, but Parongan was taken to Osceola Regional Medical Center in critical condition.

Deputies said several church employees witnessed the incident and gave similar statements.

Sheriff's officials said their investigation was ongoing, and they were treating Pastor Howell's involvement as a case of self-defense, with criminal charges pending against Parongan.
"The only people that tell you it can't be done are the people who haven't done it themselves."


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