Another snapper hunt out of redfish pass 12/29/14

Forecast was for calm seas, boy they were great. Had not run my boat out since Oct. for the Bass PRO event. It would just be Pat my neighbor and me. Loaded the boat with bait ,ice,food gear, chum. Went to lower the motor it bounced then I could hear the trim motor running nada would not drop, tried a few times. Switched to the other batt. lowered and started right up. Batt are sealed and hooked up to a marine charger system. Pat who is a great mechanic said something is not right. So he proceeds to disconnect the terminals to check for corrosion and clean the post and lug connections, with no effort the terminal lug comes off in his hand. Upon inspection it was never crimped on or soldered and the heat shrink was never shrunk. Well he sanded and with a pair of vice grips crimped the lug on as a quick fix. Don who keeps his boat at the same marina let me have a spare to keep on board just in case. it put us a little behind

Plan was to run out of Redfish pass to some number about 17 miles out that had been good for a mix of bottom fish. As we were running out an older boat ask where Edison reef is he said yes and holds up a what looked like a cell phone we talk then he asks if they could follow us. he was a young fella the other two were older and never spoke. They followed so close I could have towed them. I circled dropped two markers as I turned to set up on one of the markers he is anchored within 10 feet of it and in minutes they are pulling up fish. They never moved of the spot. I guess it was my year end good deed.
Fish of the day was Porgy, porgy and more porgy some small reds small grunts and more did I say porgy. We decided to hit another spot about 4 mile away. This spot it was Red grouper after red grouper and did I say porgys. Keeper size reds were hooked some we got up some broke our lines we were using med spin gear 20 lb leader small hooks. Best bait was shrimp caught enough for a good fish fry. We were fishing ledges in 56 to 60 ft depth. Not one lane or mango came aboard.
Run out and back re charged the battery.
The reds are out there and hungry.


  • nuclearfishnnuclearfishn Posts: 8,356 Admiral
    Nice report Larry. I've got some guests in town this week. Was thinking about hitting the same area for snapper, but with your recent Intel I'll have to pass. I've got a few spots in the 50 foot range that may hold some snapper.
  • capciofficapcioffi Posts: 825 Officer
    Nice fish karma. Always amazes me that someone who asks to follow you and let you drop markers will then anchor in the middle of the spot and not even be considerate to give room or let you anchor first. I hope he said thank you. I had a guy follow me out 35 miles to a spot did not ask, just followed and then anchored on the spot as I was drifting. I asked what hell he was doing? All I got was "I don't have any numbers" and continued to fish. He called me later and said one of his engines went out and asked if I would follow him in. I told him to call sea tow if he broke down and throw his anchor on another guys spot. I saw him limp through the inlet 5 hours later. Never seen him again. The guy could have at least bought you a round of drinks.
  • NailerNailer Posts: 304 Deckhand
    Sounds like a great day Larry.
  • VeikxVeikx Posts: 611 Officer
    Monday the 29th, we had a great snapper bite. 12 mangos up to 17" in 4 hours of fishing. Ran back in by 1. Yesterday was different.. Went back with at least a thousand pilchards and only 4 mangroves to keep. The bite was off at this spot. Put our camera down and hundreds of big ones. Well, it looks like the dive gear and guns are coming out for the next trip!
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