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Offshore snapper trip- can't wait for grouper season

Ran 40+ miles west of Marco Sunday with Strykeone, Nightfly, buddy Dave in Strykeone's beautiful Contender. First 2 spots brought up some nice grouper and smallish snapper. Moved to the third spot and a couple mutton snapper came aboard. The group was getting a little dissapointed when Strykeone announced that "it wasn't going to be his day". That was the ticket- we started hauling in one nice mang after another. For a while we were pulling them as double headers. The bite was hot for a good hour and then slowed down, it was getting late so headed for the barn. A couple nice big reds were caught too- such a shame they had to go back, "see ya soon" we said.

It was a picture perfect day with good fishin, good seas, and good friends. Most of the snapper were caught on slices of thread-fin herring on fishfinder rigs, with a few caught on squid. The bigger grouper were caught on live bait and 3 oz jigs tipped with plastic curly tails.

Nice mess of fish at dock- most snapper were 15- 18"

One of the many reds that visited

Nice 27" red that had to go back- ouch

Check out the bottom structure

Running back in

Back through the pass at sunset- end of a perfect day- Can't wait for grouper season


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