Near shore sheapshead ,snapper, search off Sanibel lighthouse 12/16/14

After getting some reports of the sheapshead bite starting to turn on, we decided to give it a try. Wind and seas looked great. Tidal flow was a bummer maybe a one foot or less of movement. But the work schedule for Tileman ,Capt. Scott and me was clear, so we gave it a shot. Boy is it a cold run out, ran to some numbers that have given me sheapshead to 20 Inches. Put my numbers into Scott's GPS there was a great show on his screen as went over the hump it was just hard to stay on it. Set out chum in no time we were catching sheepshead and any other juvenile fish that swims, all the sheaps were shorts,managed 4 mangs for the box. We were at the causeway reef we must have re anchored 8 times or more to get up tide of the structure so chum would work. Tileman compared it to trying to anchor on a nickel but if you do It pays dividends. Main bait was shrimp, then some squid and cut bait. Cold ride back, have to add more layers next time out as it will be a longer run.


  • Tight LoopsTight Loops Posts: 206 Deckhand
    I enjoyed the day, the weather and the company...
    BIG CATCH of the day for me was a GOLIATH GROUPER...that was about 2" and smaller than my thumb.
    UNUSUAL CATCH of the day was a 7" YELLOW TAIL SNAPPER in 25' of water?
  • tilemantileman Posts: 1,118 Officer
    great to be on the water with 2 good friends :)
    Here's ta swimn' with bowllegged women!
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