Blackfin and snapper! 12/14/14

With all of the regulation closures in place, it is not very worth making any long runs right now. With the snotty wind and cold weather, the long runs are miserable sometimes. We went ahead and decided on doing another shallow water trip, staying within 50' and searching for ledges.

The pilchards are starting to show less and less around the bridges, we started throwing around 6:15 and only maybe a dozen or so per throw. Around 7:15 when the sun was about up, they began schooling around the eddies of currents and rips around the A span. Two throws and we have over two hundred from those in the well.

Put our heading to west and went out 16 miles to our first number. We have hit this ledge pretty hard, in the past few weeks and still managed a good 9 mangroves before moving on. We pulled anchor and moved onto the next area. Stopped on the next two areas and put the camera down, lacking life at these two. Started running northwest, and found a nice new one.

Anchored up right on the ledge. The bite was relatively slow, we fished with 20lb flourocarbon using a 1/2-1 oz knocker rig on a #2 mutu light hook. Live pilchards were the go to bait, we had bought a some shrimp to try for any hogfish as well. The bite picked up after we put in a chum block, with smaller fish around 13-14". The largers at 17" ones starting biting as soon as we brought out the grill and cooked some hot dogs!

When the bite slowed, we returned back to the first ledge. On the way there we found a new 5' ledge, it looked pretty barren not a whole lot of fish show. Back at the first ledge, we anchored up in a different area and produced a few more snapper into the box. My father was persistent trying to catch his first H/L hogfish, and was rewarded! He pulled up a beautiful 15" hoggy!

A few whitebone porgys went into the box before we started tossing our live well. We had at least 2-300 pilchards left in the well. Tossing by the handful in the distance we noticed some fish busting. Very large, and they kept getting closer. Until I saw one launch out of the water, a monster black fin.. Very distinctive dark back and silvery white sides. I immediately threw out hand fulls and casted out a shimano wax wing on 20lb flouro and my 6k saragosa. Hooked up immediately and our good friend Kevin sent out a live pilchards and hooked up too. 10 minutes later and two heavy fish on light tackle we boarded our boat. After a quick set of photos we bled them and iced them down!
Finished our day with 26 mangroves, one hogfish, handful of grunts and porgys, and two nice black fin!
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2005 Yellowfin 31 df/250's


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