Advice on hooking shark baits

MuskyChaserMuskyChaser Posts: 134 Deckhand
I was out today and casted out a mullet. I hooked it along its back just behind the head. When I brought the bait in it had been eaten almost right up to where the hook is. I'm guessing the shark just bit and pulled and broke it off at that point. Is there any way I can hook it better to avoid this?
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  • davidgiddavidgid Posts: 250 Deckhand
    was the spin still intact on the eaten part? I've seen pin fish eat away at a bait and leave just the bone. I've also seen them clean it to the point the bone fell away. When a shark bites they tend to eat the whole thing. They are greedy and don't want to leave anything.

    Hooking behind the the head is what I would have done. How long was it sitting on the bottom?
  • MuskyChaserMuskyChaser Posts: 134 Deckhand
    No everything was gone but the head, which is where it was hooked. It was out there for about an hour.
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  • Steve WSteve W Posts: 613 Officer
    Doubt it was a shark. Probably blues then other little fish.

    1. Cut off the tail when using whole fish to reduce spinning when in the current or reeling it.
    2. Hook through it through the eyes for strongest point of hook placement.
    3. Use a zip tie to hold the hook flat on the fish.

    Good luck
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