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OBB Kimda Quickie

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Life at 16.6 knots is not Mirage or the 61 but it does get you there eventually. Cleared customs with no hassle around 1:00 and headed right back put. I dug into my old bag of tricks lining up bushes for ranges and worked it close to home. Wee hoo aired out on the long bait and clean miss...Little while later a real small billfish came in on same bait and wrecked it without pulling it down. Something crushed the other rigger. Did not see it . Bait smashed , no idea what it was...
Take the game closer to home. Flat line plug gets hammered. Run said hoo but it pulled off. Right rigger goes down and I see a slob hoo bolting across the top. Angler been watching too much saturday morning outdoors shows rears back several times on an already hooked fish. Rod stands straight. Reset and same bait with a 30 class wahoo. This time its smooth and we're eatin good tonight.
Add a real nice 20lb cow dolphin and of course a token cuda and we called it after sslightly more than two hours of playing...


  • AlwaysOnTopAlwaysOnTop Posts: 210 Deckhand
    Headed over for a Tuesday daytrip. We're you right out front?
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Well placed golf shot could hit the entrance marker for best of it... 274" was magic depth today...
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    Compleat wrote: »
    Angler been watching too much saturday morning outdoors shows rears back several times on an already hooked fish. Rod stands straight.

    I'm sure that we can all envision that!! Did he yell, "Sonnnnnnnnnnnnn" too? :rotflmao
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    Gary... It was a classic... I couldn't hear him cause I was laughing out loud and cussing in my head even louder...

    Slid up the line today only to run into weed issues the farther north I got. By Memory it was scattered and so bad you couldn't fish. Worked my way back south. Got right in front again and picked a nice dolphin. The second we gaffed it the rigger went down with a good 30-35 class wahoo... I work them in idle speed and the second it went in the box we had a flat line start screaming. Score another for the good guys. Now were in like a thousand feet and getting deeper and "bang!" yet another bows up. I'll take the blame for not being on the bridge and getting it off a corner. Instead it was coming up the wash behind the dive platform. It shot for the wheels and I hit it with a skin shot. Enough to land it on the platform but not to get over the transom. It flipped off the step and came unglued... I hang my head in shame...
    Dragged some more then found a pretty good bull of 25 or so pounds to add to the collection before calling it a day. Every thing wet kind of dinner. Wahoo grilled and sushi, dolphin tacos, conch salad, grilled bugs and tossed in a couple steaks for fun. :)
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    Flat out gorgeous day... 4 inch chop on top of 8 inch swell...
    Out front was weedy to start. Went north, good condition but no love til I worked all the way back to Wood cat where that wall gets real sharp. I was on the shallow side when we picked a 20lb snake... Worked hard all over that area with no more. Got around the weed and banged my spot hard. Got off the end of the rock pile deep where we got a cuda and another 20 pounder. Played deeper for awhile and just cudas. In the "zone" was alive with skippies, bonitos, blackfins, flyers, and quite a few small hoos skying out. No more love. Had to get in early for guests to catch flight...
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    Few things are better than a day like this. Past gorgeous... Current picked up from dead to just under a knot. I could read things like a book. Paul Boat ran past but I stuck to where we had the action has been for us. Close to home...
    Started with one out of a double of 20 class snakes... Then two out of 40 class.... Got quiet them picked a near 50... Then we got in the snakes again. We kept three more and started releasing. Don't ask my what it was doing out there but we got a 6 or 7 pound king out in close to 800'. All was good with each pass scoring... Then here came a contender with mercs and free divers who laid up exactly where I was scoring. I don't know if divers in the water does shut them down but we never had another bite after that. Ask me its pretty silly jumping in 250 - 350 feet with no tanks and if they saw what I had seen earlier (Real big mako) I don't think they would have been so brave.
    7 in the box was plenty. Not sure how many we let go or lost but it was quite a few... Got in at 4 and just got done cutting and bagging. Restaurant time. Pics later...
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    It was so good then started going south quick... At dinner we see a police car with lights on... one side of the marina then the other. Then we see ambulance lit up also driving all over. We see spot light of boat coming in and all the lights converge across from our boat. I go see whats up. Dive boat "Dolphin Dream" is in with a dead passenger, drowned... Lot of authorities really upset. Native gal tells me this is the third fatality for them in recent weeks! Long night of lights yelling and angry tones...

    Got up to gorgeous morn. Throttle up and set course. First 25 miles like glass then building chop. We're eight or so off and I see orange rubber boat running at us with lights on.
    Now, don't get me wrong. I love the Coast Guard. Great line of defense between us and them. Over 35 years in this game though I know more about rules and regs than may of their personnel. Today was a spot check from them. If they stop you in US waters with quarantine flag flying they must board you in capacity of US Customs as well as their duties. They didn't know that or at least want to do the extra paper work so basically we had to do all the paperwork again after they were done. Not the end of the world
    Now again, I know they are doing their job but they should have some knowledge of how boats work, where to step and what not to step on. Well, one of them stepped right on a steering fitting and sheared it. Worse was he told nobody he did it. We passed full inspection got our clearance papers and they took off. I went to drive and the steering was gone. I tried to call them back in the radio on proper channel and no response... we were in a bind. Had to manually straighten the rudders and steer with throttle and shift controls the last 10 miles to shore then 5 miles of intricate inland waterway.
    Oh well, we're home and despite late issues , smiles locked in all the way around... :)
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    They weren't all snakes... We had a few good ones in the mix...
    All guests are important and 110% needs to be given all the time. It was our main guests birthday. This trip was our owners gift to him and to make it even better his grandfather was asked along as well. Really nice when we have a day like yesterday where even grandpa gets in the game.
    Gotta love fish that take both hands and they're grunting "Hurry up and take the pic!"... Even better when there are more on the deck and yet more in the box... :)
    Bimini isn't the only place with marina scrap collectors...
  • AlwaysOnTopAlwaysOnTop Posts: 210 Deckhand
    Awesome report paul. I was in the 36 yellowfin today and saw you heading home. We managed 4 hoos today off sandy. Triple header was very exciting! Thx for the info
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Saw you as we were crawling out... Ride home was good til coastie stepped on steering line right at the fitting... Made last 15 miles to the dock a touch uncomfortable . Steering by throttle and shift works but just takes so much more work. Wasn't like the kid was a boob. May not have known he did it til he got home and had hydraulic fluid all over his shoes...
    Bottom line is we had a ball. Slapped em to sleep old school... Never more than 4 miles from the dock. Usually closer. I love em when the crush a good ol feather/ ballyhoo combo. In the end I guess you could say we did ok.
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    Today was clean up the boat day. Amazing how wahoo slime transfers on feet and hands and whatever. It was every place imaginable. I had it on the helm area. Guests tracked it across every inch of deck and carpet It was behind stuff. In every trace and scupper. What a mess and thats after a couple hours cleaning yesterday.
    Coolers took a beating. Spent nearly an hour on them alone cleaning and replacing hinges and stuff... Rigs and destroyed lures were all straightened up... That will be a half day project repairing and re rigging. Ya know what? I don't mind.
    This time of year I hate traffic and this boat is down town West Palm. Have to park on fourth floor and then long walk to boat. So, that already puts me in a mood. I hurt, I'm tired but know the clean up is coming. Its part of the job and what I do. No extra pay. Part of the package. Then I opened that hatch and see that steering fluid. Close to a gallon of it I reckon. I know that young officer didn't mean it but what a mess. Hydraulic shop is backed up so we will be benched for quite a while. Those lines are long and expensive. The work getting them in and out is a bear. Then it costs me work. By the time I crawled out of that hole my mood was real bad. Last night it was bad as well and I feel terrible that I brought that home with me. Every little wrong thing said to me resulted in a blow up. Thats something I really need to put a cap on, part of the job or not. Hope I can put a cork in it tonight...
  • Capt KurtCapt Kurt Posts: 410 Deckhand
    I had the coasties board one time in 6 foot seas with an occasional 8. I was like Really..?? Then they marked up the deck with their black sole boots. Glad you took the inconvenience in stride!
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  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Its just one of those things. Part of me wants to blow up over it and part falls back on the serenity prayer thats part of AA. "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cant change, the courage to change the things that I can and the wisdom to know the difference".

    Getting upset doesn't fix it. Hydraulic shop is so backed up they havn't even called me back in two days to give me a rough idea when we can get it fixed... 27 still has her own steering issues in the tower that I've done all I can and can't seem to get right so that boat is on the bench as well...
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    Nice report(s), thanks!
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,214 AG
    Knowing OBB's marina as well as I do, I know exactly what slip you had...... Nice!

    My first trip there was in May, 1985......
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Slip was not all that great... Had a board sticking off the piling. Sailboat jutting out in front of us making it real hard. Ladder was loose which was worrisome with elderly passenger. Pipe busted under dock spraying non stop had me wanting to pee every few minutes... :)
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