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Received my Rentista permit for Cost Rica

ParkerboyParkerboy Posts: 7,048 Admiral
Versus tourist status which requires one to leave every 90 days. Many stay for years as a tourist but it is technically illegal.

Rentista - Requires a $60,000 (per-adult person) deposit to a qualifying Costa Rican Bank. It is more if you have kids. This must be paid again in 5 years if you do not convert to Permanent Residency. You must convert $12,000 per year per person to colones and keep proof that you did so. You may also use a bank guarantee for this.


1. You may legally live here
2. You do not have to leave the country periodically to renew your visa.
3. You may start and run a business here. (see Restrictions below!)
4. You can receive the income from that business.
5. Your minor aged children (under 18) ARE included in this plan. No separate deposits required for them.


1. You may NOT work in Costa Rica
2. While you may OWN a business, you may NOT work in that business. You can only manage it. ALL labor jobs must be done by a Costa Rican or by a person who DOES have the legal right to work here.
3. Must live here at least 4 months every year.
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