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My Daughters First Cobia

We ended up going on the Sunday AM Drift aboard the Helen S.
She landed a nice 29'' Cobia, which of course went back in as a shortie....

WE reeled in a few more runners and grunts ( I went to smaller chicken rig setup on the reefs to keep the bites coming steady - as quantity not quality was the order for my 6 yr old's first drift ! )

There were assorted yellowtails boated from the stinkpipe on the first drop, a yelloweye, a few vermies and a decent Mutton that took the pool. Triggers, couple bonito, etc..........

All in all not a bad trip - not epic, but the fish were there.
Smaller and shallower got the nod this Weekend anyway .

I'll be back this coming weekend with the other daughter ( 4 ).
Always good to get em going early :) ......... Praying ( for the first time in my life ) to get covered up in Bonito :):)



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