We lost a brother today

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GT Fish is unfortunately no longer with us. Please keep it to the forums for now out of respect to his family. He touched a lot of lives and was a good friend, husband and father.:angel


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    :BUNNY gestapo

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    I'm in shock. I don't even know what to say other than I'm sorry and that he and his family are in my prayers.

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    RIP JOTA! Didn't know him personally but I'm still sick to my stomach over it.
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    **** is right!! He will be missed!! Prayers to his family!!
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    So sad. :angel
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    I'm totally shocked... never was able to meet up with him, but always considered him a friend. RIP Brother. :(
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    Rip Pat. Prayers for his family.
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    Just got the news from Melly. Claire and I are in shock.
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    Aloha 'oe my Brother...... A Hui Hou:angel
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    Rest in peace. :angel
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    Wow......good vibes out to his loved ones.
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    If anyone learns of service information, please keep us informed!!
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    That is terrible news...We had been exchanging PM's about some local duck hunting..

    Prayers for the family...

    RIP GT fish :angel
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    TripleX wrote: »
    If anyone learns of service information, please keep us informed!!

    If I say something that offends you, please let me know so I can say it again later

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    RIP Prayers for family and friends............:angel:angel:
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    Sad day today... R.I.P. GT Fish.
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    Prayers to Pat's family. May you RIP my friend, your mind free of whatever demons haunted you. I wish I could have done something.
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    Never met him but he seemed to have a lot of good friends here who will miss him. Horrible news.

    RIP GT
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    I try and not get to personal with people I meet on these forums but some of the one's I've met have become great friends. Pat was one of the guys I wanted to meet and take hunting. I don't understand why he did this or how he could do this. God bless his family and God rest his soul.
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    may his family heal
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    Good bye buddy.
    Painful being first on scene with his wife and then a few minutes ago driving his truck to my house. It had examples of all things he loved to do.
    I did not read the story but if you take tax payers money maybe you should be held to some standards.-Cyclist
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    Thanks tater for being there for Haley and the family.
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    Terrible news.

    Shall look forward to the rest of the story.

    Too often this sort of thing is a permanent
    solution to a temporary problem.

    Best wishes to his family.

    WOW! Sorry to hear.

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